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At its most basic, journalism is the process of collecting and analyzing the news. This is what Syrians were lacking in the press that emerged at the beginning of the revolution. Too much reliance on emotions in covering events on the ground stripped journalism of its objectivity. Therefore, objectivity, credibility, and observing journalistic principles and ethics were the basis for Nasaem Syria to find the best way to maintain its unique identity and durability. We watch for the tiniest details in our work in order to make sure we deliver the news in a credible way and avoid extremism. We insist on rejecting hatred, violence, and sectarianism in our work. We are committed to all international codes of professional conduct, particularly the code of conduct for the media, in addition to the charter of credibility. We also hold ourselves accountable and monitor ourselves to ensure the integrity and credibility of our news in front of the audience. We demonstrate a particular commitment to transparency and remain committed to local codes of conduct we have signed: Syrian Radio Code of Conduct, signed October 2013 Syrian Media Code of Conduct, signed June 2015 إنّ مهنة الصحافة التي تعتمد بمفهومها المبسط على كونها عميلة جمع و تحليل للخبر , مع مراعاة مصداقيتها لتقدم إلى الجمهور , و كان هذا بالفعل ما ينقص صحافة المواطن التي نشئت في سوريا مع بداية الثورة , كيفية تحري...

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