Med FM

Med FM 104.1 FM South Africa, Bloemfontein
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MedFm 104.1 is an exciting new concept radio station which broadcast health and health related matters to the general public in a modern and presentable way. This is an exciting concept with a guaranteed potential to contribute to the improvement of health and lifestyles of our target population. The aim of MedFm is to serve the broader Mangaung as well as 100 km radius, rural community, informing, education and entertaining them, as well as allowing for active participation of the listeners in the radio station. This with the main focus on health and health related content forming a holistic wellness station.

  • Frequency: 104.1 FM
  • Slogan: The beat of life!
Address : 64 Pres Steyn Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 9301
Phone: +27514369157