Motsweding FM

Motsweding FM 89.6 FM South Africa, Johannesburg
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Motsweding FM radio station started broadcasting in June 1962 as Radio Tswana. Nowadays it is a national radio station owned by South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and covering several provinces in South Africa. The main broadcasting language is Setswana and the headquarters of this radio station is in Mahikeng. The slogan of this radio is Konka Bokamoso. Their website doesn’t provide any English-speaking equivalents at all and Google translate does the translation incorrect. This is a clear sign that Motswendig FM has strong focus on Setswana-speaking audience trying to nurture pride and respect of their cultural heritage.

  • Frequency: 89.6 FM
  • Slogan: Konka Bokamoso
  • First Air Date: 1 June 1962